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Dominican Independence Day


Come the month of February the entire SEK family comes together in our events hall to commemorate the activities framed in the "Month of the Fatherland" and honor our patricians, their great work, values, legacy and sacrifice to leave the present a free and sovereign Homeland. These characters of principles are preserved in history as brave men and women who sacrificed themselves to provide a homeland independent of any domination; a stage for the following generations to mold young people educated in values ??and with the desire to achieve great goals.

The protagonists of the presented acts were the students of the Primary and Secondary levels, standing out the presentation like: The parade of the flag, the patriotic symbols, the anthems to the patriots and a theatrical piece, in which, they could recreate, by means of a line of time, the main events that our Dominican history has had up to the founding of the Nation.

As is customary in our school, we take advantage of the magnitude of this act to honor the outstanding students of each class, who strive every day to be better. Happy National Independence Day and many congratulations to our participating and award-winning students.


Grey Ysabel

Profesora de Sociales