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Working in an emotional class


Mojo is a 12-year-old monster, Mojo is happy, but is changing…be like Mojo. Through the Class Dojo Platform (available as an app as well), Mojo discovers several changes that affect his growth and his mental development. With a variety of videos and activities, learners accompany Mojo in his quest for developing an emotional balance by understanding, identifying and managing their emotions and feelings.
          For  tweenagers, it has always been a difficult task to deal with the emotions since it is complex to identify what happens in our brain when we take into account all the other physiological changes that they experience, but with Mojo’s help, this self-knowledge journey will be, at least, funnier than doing it all alone.
       The importance of an Emotional education class is enormous since our emotions tend to determine the decisions we are about to make every single minute, and if we are not able to identify them and manage them correctly, poor decisions make take place and not always for the sake of the decision making tween. That is why the Emotional education class gets supported by the participation of Mojo in the stories that talk about growth. In this way, learners are able to identify emotions, set a name to them and to understand the different ways to manage them to get the best conscious result learners make take for their present and future lives.


Prof. Jesús Salazar B.

English Teacher